Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Trump's America: This is What Happens Now.

We have a WELCOME, HEALING, OPEN SPACE Feel free to sit in this space. It is open for you to do WHATEVER will bring us ALL Love, Peace and Strength. Our future depends on OUR abilities to be Compassionate, Kind, Just, Honorable, and Respect each other

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We respect, recognize and celebrate the differences and similarities that students bring to the campus community. A truly diverse and inclusive community benefits all students, staff, and faculty. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to be culturally competent and socially responsible for the cultural campus climate. We provide information and resources devoted to issues of diversity, inclusion, social equity, multiculturalism, as well as all notions of human social differences and similarities. We explore human "similarities", not to dilute the importance of historical underpinnings, but to help understand our human interconnections despite continued cultural discord. We expect every member of the campus to practice the UCSC Principles of Community and to consider The University of California Diversity Statement. 
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Donnae Smith, Program Coordinator 
Stevenson College Room 116
(831) 459-3097

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