Diversity & Inclusion Program Services

  • Courses at Stevenson College in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and building facilitation skills
  • Internships to develop professional skills, time management, and cultural competency
  • Teaching Assistant positions for diversity and inclusion courses at Stevenson
  • Advising support for students and student organizations
  • Student programming support for culturally conscious, inclusive events
  • Lending Library of DVDs, books, and other materials
  • Diversity trainings and workshops for housing staff (Resident Assistants and CREs) and other student leaders and organizations
"Student Services' commitment to diversity resonates in a climate of trust among all members of the campus community.  We harness the vitality of individuals in our community to achieve mutual respect, dignity and a communal sense of purpose to work toward a unified tomorrow."
- Student Services

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Expand Student Services advocacy roles, and reinforce our campus community's commitment to notions of inclusion and social equity.
  • Develop a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion within Student Services.
  • Foster and maintain a culture of accountability for performance in cultural competence, diversity, and inclusion.  
  • Ensure all policies and procedures pertaining to hiring, onboarding, professional development, and managing stuff within Student Services is conducive to providing and maintaining a respectful, equitable, and culturally sensitive workplace environment.
  • Establish and maintain a "culture of evidence" for our efforts in nurturing diversity and inclusion.   

We respect, recognize and celebrate the differences and similarities that students bring to the campus community. A truly diverse and inclusive community benefits all students, staff and faculty. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to be culturally competent and socially responsible for the cultural campus climate. We provide information and resources devoted to issues of diversity, inclusion, social equity, multiculturalism, as well as all notions of human social differences and similarities. We explore human "similarities", not to dilute the importance of historical underpinnings, but to help understand our human interconnections despite continued cultural discord. We expect every member of the campus to practice the UCSC Principles of Community and to consider The University of California Diversity Statement

Implicit Bias 

Implicit bias, or "the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner” can be tricky to spot because they reside in our subconscious, meaning we are not usually aware of them. This also means that everybody is likely to have them and that they can cause us to favor a certain group of people while we see another group in completely different, often harmful way. However, these behaviors can also be unlearned. What are your implicit biases? 

Take the Implicit Biases Quiz to find out! 


Microaggressions are verbal and nonverbal insults, comments, and/or behaviors that happen on an everyday basis and communicate negative feelings or attitudes towards persons who are members of a marginalized group. These type of aggressions are meant to subtly belittle, demean, or make others feel inferior by labeling them as “others” and thereby excluding them from the majority group.

The links below give more information on microaggressions and how to spot them: 

The Psychological Effects of Microaggressions 

Microaggresions That Harm LGBTQ Communities 

Students Fighting Microaggressions 

Talking About Racism 

Ever heard someone say or do something racist but don’t know how to go about talking about it? Watch the video below for an interesting perspective on how to approach racist behavior.

White Privilege 

White privilege is the ability to live your life day by day without facing stereotypes or judgement for the way you look and the ability to have easier access to work and life opportunities. Want to learn more? The links below provide more information how to recognize white privilege. 

Unpacking White Privilege 

Study Shows White Privilege is Real 

CHECK OUT our Eye on Diversity page! This page is updated monthly and provides great information on historical and cultural evenst related to each month.

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