Cultural Intelligence (CQ)  

STEV 24A: Cultural Intelligence: Developing A Higher CQ (Cultural Intelligence)
Course Description: We begin by examining the three basic facets involved in developing one's cultural intelligence (CQ): cognitive, motivational, and behavioral. Topics include: complexities of intercultural communication; importance of cultural self-identity and filters; power and privilege; and their impact on one's perceptions. (Formerly course 24).

STEV 24B: Developing Facilitation Skills For Cultural Intelligence
Course Description: Presents six dimensions of facilitation: goal development, cognitive aspects, confronting resistance, managing emotions, methods of learning, and creating a supportive and respectful climate. Students practice different styles of facilitation to learn which one(s) fit their personal styles and goal(s) for any given workshop. The importance of developing "cultural intelligence" is presented as well. Students must be available to facilitate diversity trainings. Enrollment by instructor consent. Enrollment restricted to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Enrollment limited to 20.

Presentations and Workshops

Student employees that work in Residential Life are required to attend workshops with a focus on diversity, inclusion, social justice, cultural intelligence and anti-oppression work. Understandings of cultural diversity, conflict management and systems of inequity are essential elements of a well-rounded annual training. Below are titles of programs, workshops, and presentations that we provide in our effort to promote a social climate that welcomes ALL students.

»  Cultural Diversity Awareness

»  Microaggressions & Implicit Bias

»  Intersectionality

»  Class Matters

»  Cross-Cultural Communication

»  Moving Cultural Diversity from the Margins to the Center

»  Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence (CQ & EQ)

For more information or to request a training or workshop, contact: 

Donnae Smith, program coordinator
(831) 459-3097